Power to dream. Power to do.

Our Story

We believe in and need YOU.

We know how it feels to not love yourself or doubt your ability to change and become the hero within you.

If you’re like us, you know your passion and dream can impact others and you've likely been searching for the path to confidently become the person who can share her voice and influence the world. We know your courage and compassion will uplift and elevate.

At Token Clothing Company, we understand.

You DO have the power to dream and become a fearless light. Since our founding, we’ve helped women just like you overcome limiting self-doubt and welcome belief, confidence, and joy - through the every day experience of fashion.

As a speech-language pathologist who spent years studying the power of language and as a woman who spent decades battling to improve her mindset, Kimberly’s love for design and quest to help others see their worth was the foundation for merging beautiful fashion with elevating I AM statements.

We are committed to helping you become a boldy brave woman who will accept, love and believe in herself and inspire others through sharing your dream and passion. The process is simple. Dress in confidence, belief, and power.

Wear it. See it. Say it. Feel it. Believe it. Become it.